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Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to Verzeo.

Education is often either too expensive or too theoretical. Students may find themselves graduating with absolutely no idea about what awaits them at the workplace. Verzeo is here to help bridge the gap between a students’ classroom environment and their workplace atmosphere. We make this happen for each of our students by using our specially designed Artificial Intelligence based software.

We not only help students towards a more holistic education, but also one that prepares you for your career and boosts your opportunities. Verzeo serves as your invisible mentor, taking you through your strengths and weaknesses, and building on them. Training courses, conducting hackathons, participating in start-up events, internships, placement opportunities- they’re all just one click away. Rooted in the wide expanse of the cyberspace, Verzeo is accessible from anywhere, and by anyone.

What’s more, we’ve got the best collaborations in the country too. Verzeo offers a number of e-learning portals in association with Industrial corporates. We also provide a wide range of courses in the fields of Commerce and Humanities.

This may seem like a whole lot of studying to do, But that’s the thing- Verzeo isn’t going to make you study. It’s going to make you learn. The courses, workshops, training sessions and internships offered are fun, interactive and practical.

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Vision and Mission


Happy Students Say

“ An experience worth taking, Verzeo helped me develop my skills for the better within a week by getting me in contact with the best trainers I could have! ” Darsh Khetan Darsh Khetan 3rd Year, CSE
“ I was working for 2 years and wasn't able to excel in my career. After completition of the cloud computing course I can see how my value in the company has increased and I feel confident about my knowledge because of the trainer and course given by Verzeo with utmost importance in learning and understanding of each modules.” Sharad Dutta Sharad Dutta Systems Engineer
“ This changes everything. It made it clear that you can do just about anything in SharePoint – without being a coding geek!” Shubham Shubham 3rd Year, ISE
“ Big Data course provided me with a very good mixture of theoretical and practical training. The training course helped me in all areas that I was previously unclear about. The training was very informative and systematic.Pre recorded sessions and assignmemts were excellent as there were a lot of information in them that will help me in my career. The trainer was able to explain difficult to understand subjects in simple terms.” Preeti Sood Preeti Sood 3rd Year, TC

Why Verzeo is the Best?

Discover the path to dynamically efficient AI implemented in the education sphere.

Increasing our outreach with every passing moment with a focus on knowledge provision in even the remotest areas. At Verzeo, we provide everyone with an opportunity.

Be spoilt for choice with a plethora of courses offered by us, ranging from Machine Learning to Digital Marketing.

Our Instructors

We have more than 43 skilled & professional Instructors

Chirag Tank

Chirag Tank

Machine Learning

Fundamental parts of medi cal research include cellular and mol lecular biology. medical genetics immunology

Jackson James Designer

Dinesh Ainapure

Web Application

Fundamental parts of medi cal research include cellular and mol lecular biology. medical genetics immunology

Thorsten Tailor Artist

Vipin Jha

Azure Cloud Computing

Fundamental parts of medi cal research include cellular and mol lecular biology. medical genetics immunology

Katrine Fonsmark Literature

Managobinda Sethi

Azure Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure Certified with 12+ Years of experience in field of IT Networking with Hands on Labs.