Automobile Engineering and Engine Overhauling

Course Description

The future sounds intriguing for Automotive Engineers as they continue to develop the next generation of cars while standing at the forefront of innovations like flying or self-driving cars. In 6 days of camp, we offer a unique opportunity for all the young learners to come across all the modern and advanced techniques for a good application in the field. Also, hands-on experience based on software adds more value to the course.


What You Will Learn

Thermodynamic Cycle Analysis And Carburetion in SI Engines

Combustion Process In S.I. Engines And Combustion in C.I. Engines

Combustion Chambers And Fules

Emission Formation, Regulation And Control Systems

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  • Energy conversion
  • Engine components
  • Four-stroke spark-ignition Engine
  • Four-stroke compression-ignition Engine
  • comparison of SI and CI Engine
  • Two-stroke SI Engine
  • Comparison of four and two-Stroke cycle Engine
  • Deviation from Ideal Processes
  • Effect of Chemical Equilibrium and Variable Specific Heats
  • Effect of Operating Variables
  • Carburetion in SI Engines: Factors Affecting Carburettor
  • Air-Fuel Mixture
  • Mixture Requirements in S.I. Engine
  • Simple Carburetor, Essential Parts, Compensating Devices.
  • Stages of Combustion in SI Engine
  • The Phenomenon of knocking in SI Engine
  • Control of Detonation.
  • Effect of Engine Variable on Knocking
  • COMBUSTION IN C.I. ENGINES: Three Stages of Combustion Process in C.I. Engines
  • Delay Period & Factors Affecting delay Period
  • The Phenomenon of knock-in CI Engine
  • Comparison of knock-in SI and CI Engine
  • The requirement of Combustion Chamber
  • Features of different types of Combustion Chambers System for S.I. Engine
  • I-head, F-head Combustion Chamber
  • C. I Engine Combustion Chamber-Air Swirl Turbulence
  • M Type Combustion Chamber
  • FULES- Hydro Carbons-Chemical Structure-Influence of Chemical Structure on knock Alternative Fuels
  • Important qualities of Engine fuel
  • Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel for IC Engines.
  • Mechanism of Pollutant Formation
  • Total Emission Control Package
  • Thermal Reactor Package
  • Catalytic Converter, Control of NOx, Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Water Injection
  • Euro Norms, Implementation problem

What you will get

Guaranteed Internship

  • Internship letter from Verzeo

  • Guaranteed Internship offers from tied up companies
Certified Professionals

  • Opportunity to be taught by Certified Professionals.

  • Opportunity to work on Major and Minor Projects mentored by these Corporate Trainers.

  • Gaining access to exclusive course content, etc., as part of the course.
  • Total of 2 projects, one major and one minor will be completed by the students under Mentor supervision.

Case Studies and Applications

  • Apply IC engine development design and concept in all types of IC engines (diesel, gasoline along with alternative goals) for the different types of specific power and charging technology.

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