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Autopilot : A Revolution in modern day Transportation

       By Anurag Sinha

Autopilot refers to the process of implementing the advanced technology in vehicles which enables it to self drive in the highway roads without the pilot control of the humans. this process is going to be achieved by the help of RADAERS, SENSORS & ADVANCED G.P.S. MAPS.this technology creates a revolution in the automobile and transport.


A Boost to your Confidence

It helps the user to save their valuable time which is wasted while driving & it is not necessary for the driers to be seated. In the driver except the places, where the signals and the road counters present. Many accidents are occurred due to the carelessness of the drivers, which can be avoided by implementing this output mode technology.

A sensor “Actinometer” is used to detect the intensity of radiation. Managing traffic flow to increase road capacity. Relieving vehicle occupants from driving allowing them to concentrates on other tasks.



to avoid accidents & the current location of vehicle can be determining by G.P.S. . If view in some cases the vehicle can be switched off on road. Hackers can change the routine ploted system. the driver less car’s technologies improve vehicle’s stability help to minimize loss of control. Driver less cars are designed to minimize accidents by addressing the cause of collision : driving, distractions, error & drowsiness.the term radar is defined detection of radio waves and its ranging technologies making system fully autonomous.