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Marketing has been an integral and indispensable way of endorsing products and services. The aim of marketing…


13 AUG 2018


Marketing has been an integral and indispensable way of endorsing products and services. The aim of marketing has always been constant-to communicate value to customers using various effective tools. It also involves market research and advertising. Marketing can be split into two main categories: traditional and digital.The traditional methods of marketing include newspapers, radio, TV, billboards, magazines and so on. Although these techniques have proved to be useful, they are being replaced by digital means.

Search engine Marketing like google and Yahoo searches, is one method of Digital Marketing. 67% of all clicks are from the first 5 options of google listings. Another critical method is content creation and Marketing which employ means like blog posts, e-books , online brochures and look books. Social media plays a gigantic role in Marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are a few to name. Pinterest offers a pin facility. It allows users to put a pin in articles that they’re interested in buying. 88% of product purchases are pinned. Several platforms use the pay per click technique. For each user clicking an advertisement, the online platform gets a commission from the respective company.

Email Marketing is a direct and effective way to grab a potential consumer’s attention. People are quite attached to their emails and are constantly checking on their email account. This case can also apply to SMS and MMS. Advertising on a platform that is used frequently yields a favourable reaction. Digital Marketing is empowering as it allows one to extract beneficial and worthwhile information about the public, its requirements and its response.

Customers and interested parties can voice their thoughts and doubts though convenient channels, digitally. Comments and feedback can be regulated without any hassle. It allows companies to measure, monetize, test and analyse the needs of its audience, how well a product is being received by the them, its popularity, etc. Another practicality it offers is that a niche market can be targeted. With the help of data and statistics, the audience can be categorized based on age, gender, career and so on.


Digital Marketing is highly efficient. It is cost effective and provides room for trial runs before targeting its traditional counterpart. It reaches a wider audience, gives buyers the ability to research about a product by simply hitting a link and make an informed decision. Digital Marketing is the future. There will come a time when it downright replaces traditional Marketing and be called what is simply is: MARKETING.

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