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Discipline : An Important factor of Student’s life


1 AUG 2018

Importance of discipline in students life - Verzeo

“If you cannot conquer self ,you will be conquered by self !!” - Napolean Hill


Have you ever wondered, why Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos are so successful today? I bet you had. Well, the reason for their success is sheer discipline. Anybody can learn to program or become a master at a particular skill. But the one thing that separates these bunch of successful people from others is discipline.

Read along if you would like to know the importance of discipline in students life and how you could become a master of this art.

Before I go ahead and dive deep into the importance of discipline in a students’ life. It is important to understand the definition of discipline and why it is regarded as the most useful quality of any successful person.

What is discipline

Discipline may be defined as strict obedience to certain rules and regulations. Discipline in life is something like a capital without which no progress and prosperity can be achieved. It may also refer to following certain acceptable standards of behaviour, a life without which will be full of chaos and confusion.

To achieve success it is important to become disciplined in every aspect of life. Be it your diet, health or your profession. For this exact reason, the need and importance of discipline is taught early to students in schools and colleges. Students have to follow certain codes of behaviour weather reading or playing.


Much of a man’s success depends on his disciplined activities. A well-disciplined life is a Successful life. It should be maintained at all costs in the institutions.

Strict discipline is also maintained in the army. For the people in the army, being disciplined is of paramount importance as they have the herculean task of protecting the nation. An ill-disciplined regiment may be defeated easily while a disciplined group is hard to defeat. They are used to obeying the orders of their officers even at the cost of their life. And not only in the army, but discipline is also valued in games and sports and the victory or defeat of a team depends on how the players are trained.

5 Reasons why discipline is important in students life

Below I will be listing 5 reasons why discipline is importance in students life

1. Increases Focus

A person with strong self-belief and discipline is more likely to achieve his/her goals as compared to an ill-disciplined person who does not have self-belief. Without discipline, one cannot keep his/her mind focused in one direction. This could result in delayed completion of tasks or task completed with inaccurate results

Reasons why discipline is important in students life - Importance of discipline in students life - Verzeo

2. Improves mental health

There is no doubt that being disciplined can improve your living. It has been proved through research that teenagers without self-control are more prone to panic attacks. And the only way to develop this self-control is being disciplined in life. If you are focused on one thing and keep your mind occupied you can do a lot of good to your mental health

3. Better academic performance

Students with good discipline are more likely to get better scores & get more benefit from their classes. Classroom discipline helps students to listen to the teacher properly and develops good listening skills as well.

4. Stay Active

Students with good discipline and focused mind stay active and charged up throughout the day. They eat, sleep, study, play and wake up on time, thus staying active all the time.

5. Better time management

Disciplined students know when is the right time for them to play and study. They tend to manage their time accordingly so that they have enough time to play and study.

In conclusion, discipline is quite important to live a good and healthy life. There are various ways to bring discipline in your life. Its importance should not be underestimated and we should strive forward to develop a a great level of self-discipline.

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