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Ethical Hacking

       By Simran Rohra

Whenever a layman hears the word “Hacking”, the thoughts that cross their mind are- illegal, corrupt, crime or ones along the same line. However, there is much more to hackers than what movies portray them to be. There are several kinds of hackers but let us talk about two: Black Hat Hackers and White Hat Hackers. Black Hat Hackers do what is downright illegal. They find loop holes in Cyber Security of organizations like banks, governments or companies, hack into their systems and steal sensitive information or loot them. On the other hand, White Hat Hackers execute their work in a legal fashion. It is because of this reason that this kind of Hacking is known as Ethical Hacking.


Ethical Hacking comprises of a system or an individual who meticulously attempts to penetrate a computer system, software or network on authorization by its owners. The purpose of this is to detect any loopholes or vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker or software could exploit.

Cyber crime is on the rise. Precaution is a priority for organizations. Sensitive and confidential data is plays a very important role in the functioning of these kinds of environments. In order to safe keep this information and secure their networks, firms hire Ethical Hackers. These hackers follow the same procedure as unethical Hackers but they do not take advantage of any of the flaws that they find. They will report their findings to the authorities. Along with this, they provide practical advice and solutions to beat the discrepancies and improve the overall security of the firm’s system.

For hacking to be deemed ethical, certain criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Permission to probe and investigate a system given by the organization itself.
  • The hacker must not take advantage of any issues found and must respect the organization’s privacy.
  • All open ends must be closed properly, ensuring that nobody can penetrate the system though the same path again.
  • All software and hardware vulnerabilities must be reported to the organization.


Ethical Hackers are given rewards for their work. Large companies like Facebook, Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Airtel and Reliance, to name a few, rely on these specialists. Ethical Hacking must not be looked at in bad light as it is what saves us from the horrors of the hacking as shown in movies.