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Why should we do Internships on Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Internships are one of the best and most preferred courses in the Computer Science field.


30th Oct 2019


The entire field of Cloud Computing is based on a whole new concept that invites a lot of applicants into this field with unique talents and a whole new perspective towards the elements of this course.Of course, the selection of interns in a cloud computing course needs you to clear the interviews which you appear in.

The interviews are one of the most important parts of landing you in a job and give you jobs on Cloud Computing. Students in India approaching the Cloud Computing course could be found in abundance and most of these students want a white-collar job with a lot of other kinds of opportunities coming their way. So, it is always better to have your skills in hand.

Most of the candidates fail to clear the interviews because of their lack of desired answers. As such, we are here to help with answering some of the most asked questions in Cloud Computing Interviews.

1.Tell us the basic characteristics of cloud computing?

The four basic char Of cloud computing are

  • Elasticity and Stability.
  • Standardized interfaces.
  • Billing self-service based usage models
  • Interactable interfaces.

2. How can you define a Cloud service?

A clouding service could be defined as for making cloud applications which provide a facility of using cloud application without even installing it on your computer. It also reduces the maintenance as well as the support of the application concerning that of applications that aren’t developed by cloud service. Different kinds of users could use the application from cloud service which can be public as well as private.

3.In the cloud, how many deployment models are used?

There are 4 types of deployment models:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
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4.Define the Hybrid and Community Cloud.

The Hybrid cloud consists of multiple service providers and this model integrates the various cloud services for hybrid web hosting. It is a combo of private and public cloud features and is used by companies when they require private as well as public clouds.

Talking about the community cloud provides several benefits like privacy and security and along with it, it is also quite expensive and thus is used by organizations when they have common goals and requirements which share the benefits of the cloud service.


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5. Why do you want internships on Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is one of the most futuristic courses globally which promises a lot of scope and opportunities. The best thing about cloud computing is that it is a pervasive course with a bunch of opportunities and a lot of development for the future. India is moving towards a major change in terms of technology which becomes the main reason for the increment of students towards this course.

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