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How do I apply for the 2020 Internship Program

       By Stebin

1. How do I apply for the 2020 Google Internship Program?

Before I list the different manners in which you can apply for Internships at Google, you have to understand that, Google seeks for excellence from its employees, just as it provides the same in its products. Students should have these attributes in order to qualify for Internships –

• Academic Excellence You will have to be in the top 10% of your graduating class. This will give you an edge over other applicants.

• Technical knowledge You need to have Good Knowledge and Experience in systems Software and Algorithms. You should have worked on projects with the implementation skills of C++, Java, and Python. You should also have a working knowledge of Unix/Linux, as well as TCP/IP and Network Programming.

• Extra-Curricular Activities This means participating in coding competitions like TopCoder, Hackerrank, CodeChef, and CodinGame. Taking part in Hackathons and Participating in Workshops and Events relating to Computer Science. It is important that you showcase initiative and drive-by doing more than your course-work.

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• Work-Experience/Internship While this is not compulsory it is always a big plus if you have previous Internship experience where you have worked on live projects.

• Social Media Presence Facebook and Instagram do not qualify as Social Networking sites for Software Engineers! You need to be present on sites like GitHub, CodeReview, BetterCodes, The CodeProject and Top Coder to be aware of what’s happening out there in the real world. You will be able to build Portfolios, get real-time feedback and get inputs on building great code.


There are 5 ways how you can secure that dream Job/Internship at Google and they are the following:-

Before starting to apply for Internships, make sure you have a great Resume and Cover Letter. Your resume should be well-formatted and include keywords that relate to the Job Description. Your Cover Letter should be customized for the Internship and crisp about the value that you can bring to Google.

• Campus Placement If you are lucky, Google hires from your campus. This will be your best shot to get an Internship.

• Referral The next best option is to find a Senior or connect to Googlers on LinkedIn and get them to forward your Resume to the Internship team. A recommendation by a current Employee will certainly push your luck!

• Careers Portal Google lists their Internships every year on their portal here. Internships usually are posted around September and closed by December for the Summer Period. Make sure you follow their portal regularly.

• Google Kickstart Kickstart is a CodeJam competition that Google conducts. It allows students to solve algorithmic challenges designed by Google Engineers. It’s a great way to have fun and learn along the way. This might be very useful to also put on your Resume when you apply next to Google. Also, there is a chance you may get a call for an interview if you are among the top performers.

• Google Summer of Code This is another chance to get that much closer to have the Google brand on your Resume. Google Summer of Code connects mentor organizations to Students who wish to work on live projects. Mentors evaluate their code and accordingly, Google awards them pass/fail on their projects.

Summer Internship in India are available in plenty, you just have to polish your [polish your abilities and mend them in the right direction. All the best! :)

2. Can I apply for an Internship at an MNC from India?

Hi, Chandan
Internships are very much available at Indian MNCs and one can certainly, apply at these top Indian MNCs:-

1.     Infosys
2.     Wipro
3.     TCS
4.     Mahindra & Mahindra
5.     ONGC

There are plenty of opportunities available at these Companies for various Job requirements such as Software/Hardware Engineering Interns, Research, Supply Chain, Marketing and Sales, Product Operations, Lean Operations, Intelligent Financial Planning, Systems Analysis, Analysis Applications, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence Engineering Interns and many more.

You can find elaborate Training Content, Training Programs, and Guidance by eminent Industry experts, with years of Training, Wisdom, and Experience on the above subjects and find corresponding Internships at this amazing platform Internship| Internship for Engineering and Management students | Verzeo

Hope this helps. All the best!

3. What are the Best Programming Languages for an Internship?

Hi, Chandan
The demand for people with knowledge of Computer Science and Coding is still rising. If you are specialized in one language or multiple, there is a demand for you. However, which programming languages are mostly demanded by employers?

1. Java

In 1995, Java got introduced and is being ranked as the number 1 demanded Programming Language. Also for Coding and Computer Science Internships, Java is mostly demanded. This is not very surprising since it can be used for various purposes and can be applied to multiple platforms. Both the building of web- and desktop applications, and the development of mobile apps or embedded applications; Java won’t disappoint you. If you’re looking for a Computer Science Internship in 2018, we highly recommend you to sharpen your Java skills. Both nationally and internationally, this language is very popular and demanded.

2. Python

Python is used as a Scripting Language for Operating Systems, Mathematical and Scientific Software and the Development of Web Applications. Since the basis of Python is relatively easy to learn, and it can be used in different applications, this language is known worldwide. Also, it is one of the most used languages. Therefore, for your programming Internship, knowing Python would increase the odds of being hired. Coding Internships within Company systems, games and webshops are becoming more available for you when you learn the Python language.

3. C

C is developed between 1969 and 1973. Old, but not useless. Even better, C is still very high on the list of most demanded programming languages, although the popularity of the language is decreasing. The language requires high precision – a C-programmer needs to be knowing exactly was he’s doing. This will thus be demanded if you engage in an Internship in Computer Science that requires C. It is used by various Companies and Computer Science Internships in 2018.

4. C++

This programming language is a successor of the programming language C. C++ is a more Object-Oriented Language. This can be used for Operating Software (like Windows) and large 3D games. In general, C++ is seen as a complicated programming language. Learning the language does require a lot of time and attention. However, it will pay back when you’re trying to find a Computer Science Internship or Coding Internship. Software Internships are very commonly demanding this programming language. However, recent years also ICT Internships demand the skill of this language.

5. JavaScript

Java and Javascript have seen as the same by non-programmers are understandable. However, this is not correct. JavaScript is a scripting language. Whereas Java is being compiled, Javascript is directly interpreted. If you’re looking for a coding Internship in interactive Web Development, you got to know JavaScript. The rising demand for Interns that can code in JavaScript is due to the rising demand in interactive websites.

6. C#

When I say C#, you’ll probably think about .NET. C# is the most important language for the .NET-framework. That the language is quite similar to Java is no coincidence; Microsoft presented in 2001 C# as a counterpart of Java. Also, C# is Object-Oriented and offers developers the possibility to build desktop-, server- and mobile applications. The ultimate Software Internships are usually looking for specialized C#- developers and often offer challenging projects for Interns. However, if you’re looking for a Computer Science Internship in the summer of 2018 and you’re not looking for a Software Company to do your Internship, there are also other companies demanding C#-developers.

7. PHP

The 7th place is PHP, a Server-Side Script Language with which you can build websites dynamically. With Server-Side, I mean that the PHP source code runs on a server and not in a browser of the user. This results in PHP being able to take data out of a Database, communicate it with other servers and calculate so it can subsequently generate a code that can be shown on the webpage. PHP is very multifunctional and for that reason a highly demanded language for coding Internships in 2018. Besides the multifunctionality of PHP, it is also highly demanded by internship companies due to its compatibility with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix-types.

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8. Swift

In the 8th place, we have Swift, the Open-Source programming language where developers can make apps for IOS and OS X. This relatively new language became very popular is a short period for developers, but also Internship employers. Because Swift can be easily implemented in existing code in Objective-C and because it gives real-time feedback, developers can deliver quality in a short period. This results in many companies offering Internship Computer Science or Programming. Computer Science is a broad field of study and has plenty of branches to explore and this might help you understand what you need your energy and focus.

Hope this helps. All the best! :)



4. Which US location is the best for a Summer Internship?

Hi, Chandan
Here are some of the best U.S. cities for landing a Prestigious College Internship:-


NYC has Internships in nearly every single field imaginable and draws a lot of top students in for Internships in Fashion, Performing Arts, Advertising, and Finance. Securing an Internship in New York can be difficult, but you’ll be richly rewarded with amazing real-world experience and a huge boost on your resume.


San Francisco is like Disneyland for those who are passionate about technology. If you have hopes of working in the tech industry following College, what better place to pursue a Summer Internship than in Silicon Valley itself? The Valley is home to technology giants Adobe Systems, Netflix, Intel, Apple Inc., and so many more. It’s also where you’ll find some of the most coveted Internships in the technology industry at the Google headquarters.


Los Angeles is great for those interested in working in Entertainment, Advertising, Fashion, Finance, and many other career fields. Along with the great work experience, you’ll get to revel in all of the glitz and glam of living near Hollywood.


With plenty of government agencies offering Internships, as well as leading programs in Political Journalism, Economics, and Legal Studies, Washington, D.C. is the ideal place to both learn and gain valuable experience on the front steps of our National Government.


Dallas is a great location for those who are interested in Technology and also for those who want to find a sports Internship. With the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, and Stars all in the city of Dallas, it’s an exciting place to gain some experience in the professional sports industry.

These were some of the best places to Intern in the US of A!

Visit this link for more top Internship opportunities at exciting locations

I hope this helps, all the best! :)