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Internships: An Essential Part of One’s Education

In olden times, it was rare for an individual to pursue higher education once they graduated from school. They were…


16 AUG 2018


In olden times, it was rare for an individual to pursue higher education once they graduated from school. They were considered as an elite group and were looked up to. However, the scenario has changed over time. A larger number of people aspire to go to college now. Students work enough to ensure that there exists a seat in their name, in their selected college. This being said, college alone is not enough. Internships have become a part and parcel of college life and rightfully so. They come with great advantages!

Internships are structured work experiences related to the Student’s major or interests. Their work is supervised by a professional in the field. Internships usually last for a few months. It’s a win-win situation for both, the employer and the employee (student). The employer gets work done swiftly and efficiently while the employee benefits as below:

  • Since not much qualification is required to bag an Internship, it can be landed easily, without any hassles. It provides a practical environment to apply the knowledge one has gained during their education.
  • One can be doubtful or confused about their interests. It is important to check whether their selected field is really for them. Testing and getting a glimpse of what their future down the road in the same career choice holds for them is essential. In case they feel like it's not for them, it isn’t too late to change their path. Exploring the various opportunities and career options is necessary.
  • Internships come with valuable certificates. This certification can be added to one’s resume. By gaining some work experience, one increases their chances of bagging an actual job. Employers have a higher tendency to hire those with prior work experience.
  • Spending all that time getting to know the employers, familiarizing themselves with the work environment, coping and living up to the work expectations, puts a Student on the good side of the company. If all goes well while doing the Internship, the company might even offer a full-time job.
  • It is a great opportunity to develop professional skills. An individual can refine their weaknesses and give their strengths an upgrade.
  • Internships allow people to grow their network. By working with other interns and professionals who have experience in the company, public relations increase and professional relationships can be established.


These are a few of the umpteenth advantages of pursuing an Internship whilst Studying. Work experience is extremely important and adds a lot of weight to one’s final career goal.

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