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Why Engineering Internship is Must?

Engineering, as we all know is about applying knowledge in the form of Science, Maths with the help of Design and Innovation…


27 MAR 2019


Engineering, as we all know is about applying knowledge in the form of Science, Maths with the help of Design and Innovation. India has been the Center of new Inventions and Transformations since the British era. Starting right from zero to a lot of Technological Wonders, India has been the Source of Origin.

You want to do Internship

The Research States that India produces 25% of the Engineers of the Whole World every Year. But unfortunately, 94 to 97% remain Unemployed due to a lack of proper skills. If all of these Engineers are provided Guidance, Support, and Training suitable for the Industry, there can't be any Force Stopping India from becoming a Superpower.The number of Engineering Colleges in India is huge, but the actual part of their Learning process lies in the Training and Internship. Internships provide them Exposure, Practical Learning Experience and also helps them in bridging the gap between Academic and the Corporate World.

Several companies and firms are providing these short Internship Programs. These programs are generally of about Two Weeks to Three Months. They are designed according to your respective domain which provides hands-on Training including of what work would be provided, how to complete them according to the Corporate Norms, Interaction with the Colleagues and How to tackle with the Real-Life problems. These Training are must for every student to excel more and more in his respective work area.


Bangalore, also famous as the Silicon Valley of India is the tech hub of the Country. The third most Populous City, as well as one of the most Developed City, Bangalore is the most ideal retort for every Engineer. Ranging from workstations of ISRO, Infosys, Wipro, Hal to Educational Institutions such as IIsc, IIT, IIM, NID, NLSIU, NIMHANS and adding several Defense Organizations and Research Laboratories, Bangalore is the Dream City for every Student. Students graduating here are having an add-on of various reputed firms providing Training and Research Programmes.

The Engineering Courses designed in CSE and IT have the best Subjects and Reference Books, but they somehow lack when it comes to the actual Coding and Programming. The time Constraints and Working according to the Client Requirements play a major role in the IT sector which can’t be learned by reading a book or watching a few minute-long videos. If you’ve completed a short Internship, these barriers can be crossed easily for your first Job. Verzeo is one of the efficiently growing firms providing well-curated Internship Programmes for every Engineering Graduate.


They have specially designed Summer and Winter Internship Programmes for Engineering, Management and a lot more. Bangalore, is but an obvious leading Information Technology sector, and Verzeo has all the required Internships for CSE and IT Students.

Looking for an Internship program in India

So, if you are already in Bangalore and doing your Engineering you just need to enroll for your Internship Programme. And, if you wish to visit Bangalore just for an Internship, you won’t regret your Decision, because apart from leading the tech world, it’s a Beautiful City in itself. Head on for making the next right decision for your life and let’s change the Statistics of the Engineering Field.

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