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Adding to its growing cart of courses for grooming Students into hardened…


16 JULY 2018


Adding to its growing cart of courses for grooming Students into hardened professional,Verzeo is all set to organize two week-long courses, one each in Bengaluru and Delhi. While the first one kickstarted on June 1 to culminate on June 8 in Delhi Technological University, the second one will be held between June 20 and 28 in Bengaluru on the premises of Ramaiah Institute of Technology.

Overall Benefits of Championship Workshop

India is at a stage where there is a surge in the working population and the trend will continue for a couple of decades. It’s both a boon and bane. This workforce if trained and potentially equipped can take Indian GDP to figures astronomical. The same, however, would cease significance in case left untrained. This would not just put the cost of their subsistence on the working classes but will add to their woes in terms of issues related to law and order.

An empty mind is devil’s workshop. They say! Why leave anyone jobless then? Train them and use them for good. Verzeo is focused on student training. Verzeo, in collaboration with MNCs, is presently running 50 plus courses besides various training and internship programmes for students across the country.Average job offer rate to interns climbed to 73% in 2017, the highest since the peak of the pre-recession job market, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Internship & Co-op Survey Report.

Verzeo is a one-of-a-kind educational platform that offers interactive, fun courses that are easily available to everyone. Crowdsourcing project helps both companies and students. Companies that are short of workforce approach Verzeo, which matches the company’s business requirements with appropriate trained workforce.This workforce comes in the form of students who are trained with Verzeo. The students gain valuable work experience and monetary incentive, while the companies meet their requirements at more economic rates.

Talking about Verzeo, founder VV Subrahmanyam said: “The driving force behind Verzeo is the desire to see a more holistic educational environment in the country, the one where students graduate knowing that they can thrive in their careers in industries chosen. That would be the one wish we ask to be granted- a suitable environment or learning, and we’d like to pay any small part that we can.” It may be mentioned here that according to another 2014 study, 70% of companies agreed that high school students who completed their internships programs were either “very likely” or “completely likely” to land a college internship with their company.

A survey by National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) found that 67.7% of interns were offered full-time positions and 83.6% of those offers were accepted.That apart, over 45% believed that high school internships had high possibilities to turn into a full-time job at their company. So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of creating an internship program at your organization, now is the time to get started.


Elaborating on the hardwork that has made this idea a success, Subrahmanyam said the initial funding of Rs 1 Lakh came from our pockets. He added running a company in itself proves to be a lot more challenging than it may seem. We are trying to create a niche for ourselves using high-end technology like artificial intelligence (AI) for running our courses, he said.

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