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Computer science is one of the most opted courses in India due to its abundance of opportunities available all across the country…


20th Aug 2019


which makes it one of the versatile courses students usually opt for. The reason it is so famous is because of the abundance of CS engineering colleges also in India, especially in Bangalore, tempting students to join these courses.

However, if you are also a computer science engineer, you might already be aware of the fact these kinds of courses aren’t completed without proper experience and Internships. Students usually resort to computer science Internships when they are looking for a better and well-paying job and they recognize the significance of these Internships which makes their CVs outstanding down the line.

Students who are unsure about the Internship programs also seek answers regarding the CS certification courses and as such, we have compiled this post to answer some of your most asked questions about the Internship for computer science students.

1. How to get Internships in IITs or NITs in summer 2020?

When it comes to getting Internships in IITs or NITs, there are a few options which are available for you beforehand:

Apply through the official channel - All NIT and IIT institutes invite applications starting from Jan and even though they prefer final year students, if you have a good academic record, you might also have chances to end up there.

Personal Mail - This step take a lot more effort as you need to go through the profile of the professors at the students in NITs or IITs and based on your interest, mail your statement along with your CV.

2. What Internships can a first year B.Tech CSE student do?

I’ll be honest with you. There aren’t a lot of opportunities available for you when it comes to finding Internship for a first year B.Tech CSE student. However, don’t lose heart because you can always utilize your time with something new.

You can make use of your time in summer holidays and learn some languages like C, C++, Java or even Python. Not only that but you can even learn about PHP from different online courses which would help you in your future.

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3. Which companies offer a summer Internship for CS in Jaipur?

There are different companies which offer summer Internship in Jaipur. Here are some of them:

  1. Internshala
  2. Verzeo
  3. Twenty19
  4. Skyfi Labs
  5. Edureka
  6. Letsintern
  7. helloIntern

4.Where can I apply for Computer Science Internships in Chennai?

  • Try approaching companies through Internshala or Verzeo.
  • Make a profile in these sites and upload your CV.
  • Make sure to mention all your skills.
  • Search for the Internships available in your location.
  • Apply for any of these Internships.
  • Do Internships in any of the place you want to.

5. How to get an Internship at Google?

  • Online Application:- Applying online on the google Internship portal would allow you a few opportunities and you will need to send your resume in PDF to these portals.
  • Employee Referral:- If you have any acquaintance in Google, ask them to refer you as you can find them also on LinkedIn or Facebook. This would only help you in screening process.
  • Mail the Google HR- Find a previous or former intern and ask him to provide the e-mail of the HR. Mail the HR directly and state your purpose and try doing it via a letter or something.

6. How can one apply for an Internship in DRDO??

Applying for an Internship in DRDO is easy as you can do it by approaching people like technical managers, college alumni or even any relatives or acquaintances working there. Before you apply there, make sure to have a nice CV and write an excellent or a specific cover letter for the same. You can also make sure to request for an Internship through mails and forward the same CV via the emails.

7. Internship for CSE students

Depending on your areas of interest, there are a lot of opportunities available:

  • Research Internships- Different types of Internships based on research in different universities.
  • Startup Internships- You can enroll yourself in any of the startup companies too.
  • Volunteer Internships - Different organizations offer volunteering opportunities where you can do your Internship.
  • Volunteer Internships - Different organizations offer volunteering opportunities where you can do your Internship.

8. Top 7 Summer Training Institutes in Bangalore for technology courses?

Summer training is an important aspect of a CS student’s career and if you are finding the best summer training institutes in Bangalore, here are a few options available for you:

  • Software Testing
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Marketing
  • C/C++
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9. How much do computer science Internships generally pay?

The payment of companies depends on the size of the company and how much they are willing to provide you. A company’s board of advisors are the ones who determine the worth of an intern and one should also take note of the changes in wages and duration.

CS Internships usually pay good yet most of them don’t. To make an Internship and to follow up with up needs careful planning and takes a lot of time to develop how much an intern is worth. The pay always depends on the worth of an intern and how much they can tackle in a company.

10. Is it worth it to do an Internship at BSNL for a CSE student?

There are three things which we could tell you about the worth of a BSNL Internship for a CSE student

  • BSNL offers useless summer training certificates rather than Internships. Don’t go for them if you want a good job after you finish your course.
  • Arrange for some other cheaper computer-related summer training certificate from shops like CETPA.
  • We recommend going for another course than BSNL’s certification course.

11. Is the Internship necessary for a computer science student?

Internships are always a personal choice of a student and it isn’t compulsory to pursue Internships at any of the colleges. It is totally on your interest and you can make sure to finish an Internship and pave a way for your job in the future. You just need to figure out if you want an Internship or if you are fine with the way your academic record already is. Internships are good in the long run, but again, it is all your choice.

12. How to apply for an Internship for computer science?

You can always refer to the different Internship companies in India who are focused on providing you quality Internships from different companies. Some of the options available for you when it comes to finding an Internship company for CS are:

  1. Internshala
  2. Verzeo
  3. Twenty19
  4. Edureka
  5. Letsintern
  6. helloIntern

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