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Course Description

Today businesses are data driven and hence decision-making should be backed by concrete data. Business Analytics (BA) uses technologies, skills and statistical analysis to gain meaningful insights after the analysis of the data. Decision making that revolves around data analytics is the new strategy in the business world. This course will give you the necessary skill sets to venture into the field of data analytics.


What You Will Learn

Concepts of Data Science

How SAS is used in data analytics

Learn analytics programming languages like R and Python

How to use SQL

Understand how big data analytics works

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What you will get

Guaranteed Internship

  • Internship letter from Verzeo

  • Guaranteed Internship offers from tied up companies
Certified Professionals

  • Opportunity to be taught by Certified Professionals.

  • Opportunity to work on Major and Minor Projects mentored by these Corporate Trainers.

  • Gaining access to exclusive course content, etc., as part of the course.
  • Total of 2 projects, one major and one minor will be completed by the students under Mentor supervision.

Case Studies and Applications

  • Learn about the data visualizations and apply basic probability concepts along with cost, revenue and profit.

Online Classroom


  1. Online Portal

  2. Mentorship & Placement Moblizer

  3. Access to Webinars

  4. Projects & Guranteed Internships

  5. Certification from Industry Parrtners

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