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Course Description

This course is designed to help students understand the crucial marketing concepts like Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing has become the major driving aspect in marketing and thus taking this course would help students explore the new digital marketing environment and its various aspects. Apart from understanding digital marketing, students will also learn other practical application of important concepts required to have a career in marketing.


What You Will Learn

Learn about Digital Marketing

How Social Media Marketing works

Application Marketing Analytics

How to implement Marketing Mix

You will learn how international marketing and cross-industry growth works

How to market research

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What you will get

Guaranteed Internship

  • Internship letter from Verzeo

  • Guaranteed Internship offers from tied up companies
Certified Professionals

  • Opportunity to be taught by Certified Professionals.

  • Opportunity to work on Major and Minor Projects mentored by these Corporate Trainers.

  • Gaining access to exclusive course content, etc., as part of the course.
  • Total of 2 projects, one major and one minor will be completed by the students under Mentor supervision.
Case Studies and Applications

  • Do a thorough case study of Marketing along with learning about the demand forecasting and Market segmentation methods to identify the potential customer segments.

Online Classroom


  1. Online Portal

  2. Mentorship & Placement Moblizer

  3. Access to Webinars

  4. Projects & Guranteed Internships

  5. Certification from Industry Parrtners

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