Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What backbround students can apply:
  2. Students from any and every background are encouraged to take up a course of their choice at Verzeo if it seems interesting to them. This includes school students, students pursuing a PU degree or a college degree and even Masters and PhD. This includes students from every background, be it science, commerce or arts. Hence, any student aspiring to build on their professional skills may easily do so by signing up for a relevant course with Verzeo.

  3. Who can apply apart from students:
  4. The courses offered by Verzeo are not only limited to use by students. These courses are highly dynamic in nature and can be taken up by anyone with an interest in the field of technology. Be it a working professional, a 9th grader or even a middle aged housewife, our courses are tailored to suit anyone with a thirst for improving their existing knowledge within a large spectrum of topics. Age, caste, gender or professional background is no bar when it comes to eligibility to undertake a course at Verzeo.

  5. Methods of conducting courses:
  6. Verzeo conducts 2 yearly programs - Summer and Winter programs for the online students, offline students can choose from the courses which can be started at any point throughout the year. Apart from this, Verzeo is actively involved in conducting national level championships, workshop series in every college across India, mentor-ship programs, entertainment conclaves, etc.

  7. Types of courses:
  8. Verzeo's main motive is to focus on imparting hard skills in every student enrolled with us. Hence we offer a wide array of programs such as, Web Development, Azure Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Technology based programs, Artificial Intelligence, Share Point, Power PI, Selenium, DLSI, etc.

  9. How to register:
  10. Verzeo has an easy to use website with a user friendly interface. Anyone interested to take up a course with Verzeo may easily log onto our website ( and place a registration, which is instantly accepted, specify their requirements and start their course at a suitable time.

  11. Time duration of courses:
  12. Programs offered by verzeo (both offline and online) have time durations ranging from 15- 60 hours. The courses are designed such that it included 30% theoretical exposure and 70% practical exposure. All of our courses have been designed and implemented by reputable MNCs.

  13. Company’s Profile:
  14. Verzeo is a revolutionary step towards a fun filled practical learning for latest industrial utilities. Training for students with a wide range of subject backgrounds are provided. Making good use of the strengths and weaknesses of a student is the mentor’s job so that when out in the industry the learner can live up to the present ever changing market’s expectations. The growth and development of any sector of people depends upon how much they are educating their youth. Also with the competitive environment just basic education is not enough. Students need to keep updating their skills regularly to stand in par with the industrial demands. But as we are quite aware skill development also come with a price and that might not be feasible for most of the budding Indian Engineers. We understand that the country will develop when it’s people get the required education and that’s why our main focus lies in providing appropriate training for youth to prepare them to be industry ready.Verzeo started off with a humble student outreach of about 30 students, but now boasts a growing students community of 4000+

  15. Founder’s Profile:
  16. Verzeo was started by a young entrepreneur named VV Subrahmanyam at the early age of 20, taking inspiration and bringing his expertise from his previous startup, which was later sold to a tech-giant. Now, he focuses on making the corporate community a better place, one student at a time. He aims to upgrade the current education system by tying up with multiple MNCs.