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Course Description

Understanding the financial risks and optimizing the use of financial resources in achieving the organization's goals is of key importance in today’s business world. This course is designed to help students understand the practicality of Financial Management. Students can learn about financial markets, understand concepts about practical business applications and also appreciate the use of Financial analysis in financial decision making.


What You Will Learn

Application of ERP Modules related to Finance

Understanding Investment Banking and Venture Capital

Structure and operations of various financial markets

Learn how to handle financial risks and Investments

Understand how the blockchain enhances financial services

Taxation in business

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What you will get

Guaranteed Internship

  • Internship letter from Verzeo

  • Guaranteed Internship offers from tied up companies
Certified Professionals

  • Opportunity to be taught by Certified Professionals.

  • Opportunity to work on Major and Minor Projects mentored by these Corporate Trainers.

  • Gaining access to exclusive course content, etc., as part of the course.
  • Total of 2 projects, one major and one minor will be completed by the students under Mentor supervision.

Case Studies and Applications

  • Apply concepts of corporate financing to work with elements of financial markets and individual’s need for funds and capital budgeting tools for evaluating investments.

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  4. Projects & Guranteed Internships

  5. Certification from Industry Parrtners

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