Rishabh Khaneja

Rishabh Khaneja

  • Role: Mentor in Block Chain
  • Experience: 16+ years of core technology experience in designing and building of large scale enterprise software systems.
  • Specialist in: Architecture Design & Development using both Microsoft .NET & Java platform, Prototyping & User Story writing, Function Point & User Story-based Estimations, Scrum, Technology Migrations, Continuous Integration, Automated Builds, Code Analysis, Team Management, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI
  • Current work: Co-founder & Principal Architect at RyanWorks Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Building on Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) using Hyperledger & Ethereum.

  • Developer Architect (.NET Core, C#, ASP.NET Core, MVC, WebAPI, Node.js, Domain-driven Design)
  • Builds modern web front-end using Vue.js, Aurelia Framework, React.js
  • Builds Mobile Applications on Android & iOS, React-Native, Xamarin, Ionic
  • Scrum Master, Agile Project Manager, Business Analyst

Coached & Mentored at:

  • Consulting Architect at Patriot Technology Solutions
  • ITCube Solutions. Pvt. Ltd.

Topics Handling

Microsoft Technologies: .NET Core, C#, ASP.NET Core, MVC, WebAPI, Dapper, EF, Xamarin.
Java Technologies: Java, Java EE, Spring Framework, JPA, Hibernate, JBoss, GlassFish
Front-end Technologies: Aurelia, React.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap, EcmaScript 6/7, TypeScript, HTML5/CSS3
Database: MongoDb, Sqlite, SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL
OOP & Design Patterns: Domain-Driven Design, SOLID Design Principles, MVVM, Repository
Configuration & Release Mgmt: Git, TFS, Continuous Integration & Build/Deployment using Gulp, CruiseControl, Automated Code Reviews, Static Code Analysis