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For a true enthusiast, understanding of IC Engine is where it all begins for building a HEV.

Helps us in learning the various components/parts that go into the making HEVs.

Brief description of Batteries- types and parameters; understanding of Motors (AC and DC with their classification) that drive the HEVs.

Detailed description of concepts of motors, generators and power electronics.

Helps us understand the intriguing architecture, design and system integration of HEVs.

Practical demonstration of the building of E-Bike and the motor assembly is the final module to satisfactorily compete your learning.

Project Titles


1. Analysis of various vehicles

Analysis of complete vehicles and their mechanism using principles like Toyota Prius, Mustang Mach-E etc.

2.Vehicle Control Unit

Create a sample of a Control Unit of a vehicle containing information about all command call methods and operational techniques.

3. Lifecycle ownership cost analysis

Analyze using various factors of a hybrid vehicle, its cost and durability in the current and future market.

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Hybrid-electric vehicles are a unique combination of modern vehicular efficiency and at the same time making transport independent of using fossil fuels to power vehicles. Hybrid vehicles can be considered a measure to make the environment pollution-free by decreasing fuel emissions that emanate from a normal vehicle using petrol and diesel.
At the moment it is Tesla and Toyota who are the leaders in the electric vehicles market. Tesla headed by Elon Musk came in with the revolutionary idea of making only electric vehicles which are environment friendly and at the same time don’t compromise on vehicular performance and efficiency.
After the Paris Agreement, India’s car manufacturing industry is shifting towards electric vehicles. The Government of India announced that it expects to completely shift to electric vehicles by 2030. Major Indian manufacturers are focusing on making electric vehicles and vehicle service companies like Ola are also pushing towards hiring electric vehicles for their service.
On the contrary, electric vehicles are proving to be cheaper than current lubricated vehicles due to zero fuel requirement and are proving more efficient for their cost as well. Electric Vehicles are capable of covering a lot of distance within a single charge when compared to fuel-powered vehicles.
Car manufacturing companies are moving towards Hybrid-Electric Vehicles due to their desire to create environment friendly and efficient vehicles. Electric vehicles are cost-efficient both during production as well as in purchase. They also help in reduction of usage of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel to power vehicles as well as make parts for them which can be quite hard and expensive to make.
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