Management and Commerce Internships for college students

Management Courses

Master the art of making and managing money as well as establishing a successful business with knowledge and experience in the practice. Learn about Marketing and Finance as well as Stock Markets to help you make informed decisions on your money and business that will enable you to reach the pinnacle.

Courses to get you started

Bitcoin / Blockchain

Get introduced to the digital ledger and the base of cryptocurrency! Understand the world of digital transactions and Smart Contracts with Blockchain.

Digital Marketing

Make your businesses “click” and succeed with the knowledge of bespoke Digital Marketing tools and techniques.

Business Analytics

Excel in processing and analyzing data, deducing business insights, and forecasting sales with statistical and technical acumen.


Marketing is all about maintaining business traction for an organization by understanding psychology and consumer behaviour to attract a loyal consumer base.


Learn both related and non-related financial services and more along with Investment Banking and Venture capital to manage and improve your monetary status.

Stock Market

Master the Stock Markets with the financial knowledge of influential decision that are taken to obtain profit through the best investments.