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Recording your chronicles and legacies

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Great ideas can strike anyone but, grit, determination and a strong work ethic that ensures that this great idea is executed with finesse is what truly makes one a successful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is ready to learn and isn’t afraid to fail. They take failure in their stride and bounce back with improved focus. Often, a career path on which one sets out does not go as planned. Paths change and most of the time, its for the better.

Printo offers print and documentation services. They cater to all needs, be it anything from business cards, letterheads, marketing brochures or even exhibition banners. They have an array of templates that can be utilized to make invitation cards, create personalized gifts and process photo prints at cost-effective prices.

Manish Sharma is a highly accomplished individual. He was a software engineer and was one of the earliest employees at Rediff, a job that he quit in 5 months. For seven years, he worked in start-ups across India, the US and the UK. In 2003, he went to Oxford University to pursue an MBA. On returning to India, he wanted to get a business card made. He required about 200 cards but stores were not ready to accept such a small order. On finding a vendor who would cater to his needs, conditions were applied on pricing, time and delivery. That is where the idea of Printo was born. Manish’s wife, Lalana Zaveri worked as an executive at Xerox India. She quit her job and hopped on board as a co-founder.

The couple was based in Mumbai. However, they decided that Mumbai was not their ideal place to set up, it was Bangalore. It offered cheap rent and was home to a booming IT industry. Bangalore boasted an open culture that was not averse to the idea of outsourcing anything.

Between the duo, there was a capital of 50 lakh INR. On raising funds from friends and family, with a total of 18 people investing in an idea, they opened their first shop in Koramangala in 2006.

Soon, another store opened inside the Infosys campus. It was followed by an investment from Seedfund India. In no time, a store opened in Jayanagar and then another, in Malleshwaram. Ever since Printo’s growth rate has been exponential. Its reach is massive. Printo has its website on which it takes and delivers orders both, nationally and internationally. It ensures that the customer has stress and hassle-free experience.