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08 Aug'18


ZoomCar and its Road to Success

To begin the journey on the road to success, an entrepreneur requires an idea, one which will set them apart. An idea can strike anyone but what comes after this idea is what makes or breaks the business. Passion is the first and foremost essential. It is followed by grit and a strong work ethic. Open-mindedness and the ability to bounce back from failure are other important qualities. Patience is key. An entrepreneur cannot expect results to show in the blink of an eye.


ZoomCar is a self-drive car rental service. It was started by a foreign duo, with its headquarters in Bangalore. Back in 2013, Greg Moran and David Back, the two decided to begin the company, after noticing the lack of car rentals available in the country. It set out with 7 cars and $215,000 as capital.

Each start-up faces its fair share of problems. To get their own license, they required 50 cars and offices in over 5 cities. As they lacked this, they tied up with a local operator who was already in possession of a license. Slowly but surely, they grew enough to obtain a license of their own. Being outsiders, it was tedious for them to set up the company and face the several formalities and procedures. It took almost a year to attain their own baseline license and get registered. In 2015, David Back decided to leave the company, attributing his departure to personal reasons. Greg Moran did everything he could and made sure that it did not affect the company and its performance whatsoever. The company has managed to dodge and tackle other problems and has not looked back. It takes patience and determination in order to prosper.

By constant additions to their existing features and providing services like the running a pilot of hiring an Auto-rickshaw for Self-drive using their app or website and ZoomCar Associate Program (ZAP), it ensures its colossal presence in the market.

ZoomCar allows its members to hire cars by the hour, by the day or even by the week through its website or mobile app. Majority of their vehicles have an all-India permit. Their call centres are open 24/7 to assist users with easy drop/pickup of the vehicles at strategic locations. For those who do not own a car, they save up on time and money and hire a car only when it is required. It is perfectly suited to everyone’s needs. There is an added advantage as the fee always includes free fuel, insurance and taxes.

Since their inception, there’s been no stopping their progress. They continue to improve their efficiency. ZoomCar has earned its name and has become one of the largest car-rental services in India.