Take part in India's Largest Internship Program!

Verzeo is offering a Summer Internship Program and Winter Internship Program for students in the following Domains.

Take part in India's Largest Internship Program!

Our Popular Domains

Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science is an interesting fusion of analysis and technology. Get familiar with fields like Machine Learning, Web Development, Azure, Artificial Intelligence and build your expertise in one of these opportunistic fields!

54,235 Registrations


Electronics & Communication

Master the field of ECE and get a hands-on approach with IoT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence with Python and a lot of new, globally updated concepts.

53,207+ Registrations



Civil Engineering has more to it than field work. Autocad is a software of great use to Civil Engineers to design rails, roads, buildings and modify their features and reimagine 3D drawing and creation.

51,789 Registrations


Mechanical / Automobile

Mechanical and Automobile Engineering are two subjects than require application knowledge and technical know-how. Learn Robotics, AutoMobile CAD, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles as well as IC Engine Design and Development.

54,079+ Registrations


Management & Commerce

Gaining knowledge in fields of management and commerce can get an individual ready to start their entrepreneurial journey or begin a career in Investment Banking! Become proficient in topics of business like Finance, Business Analytics, Marketing, HR.

56,663+ Registrations



Enhance your creative style of life by learning bespoke skills such as Writing, Photography and many others to perfect the combination of skill, instinct and passion. Learn from our unique ensemble of Arts courses and add more colour and vigour to your life with your own interests..

50,113+ Registrations